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Alpha Female

We all know that an alpha male is the man who most women desire and who are the most likely to have sex soon. But who are alpha females?

They are the ones who looks sexy, and yet, she is career oriented. She simply makes men want to follow her wherever she goes, hoping that they could have sex with her. Is this because they have better looks than Beta Females?

It is not. They are simply more assertive and they can exert their influence better than Betas. Just like with men, Alphas lead the conversations, while Betas are there to support. It does not always mean that they are high on the career ladder, or even that they are home, though. It just means that they know what they want and they are able to work for it. If it means that they want to have a neat household or happy family, then this is what they strive to reach. And they reach it.

Those women, who are afraid of confrontation, however, are Betas. They can be the typical passive partners or even considered submissive. But there is no such woman as an Alpha or a Beta. All of them are mixed. Some might be more assertive than others, and some might be more likely to avoid confrontation, but all of them have some traits of the others. A Beta may believe in herself, while an Alpha may be compassionate in certain situations. As long as they are happy with their life, it does not matter how they have mixed these traits.

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