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Astrology and Relationships I

If you think there might be a connection between a person's birthday and personality, then read our article, which will reveal the sexual aspects that each sign has. This article covers the first four astrological signs, Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer.

For Aries, a relationship is essential, although young men tend not to reveal their emotions, as opposed to the mature ones, who live for their desires. Women would like something intimate, but they are often disappointed, especially because they tend to have several-year-long affairs with married men, hoping that they will leave their wives for them.

Taurus looks for stability. They might experiment a lot when they are young, but they are only satisfied in a balanced and stable relationship. So, even though their marriage might end, and they would look for flings, they are really looking for someone they can trust again.

If Gemini is lucky, the ideal partner might show up in his or her teen years, then long years of searching is avoided. However, if they find someone who turns out to be dull or selfish, then they often keep an eye out for someone exciting and caring, so they will end up with several affairs.

Cancer has a lot of problem with finding the perfect partner. They tend to have plenty of affairs, and even several marriages before they say they have found the one. Their expectations are often surreal, so they often look for the perfect partner in their entire life, but that person does not exist.

Read our next article to learn about the following four signs.

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