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Astrology and Relationships II

Our first article has covered the first four astrological signs, but there are eight more. If you would like to know more about Leo, Virgin, Libra or Scorpio, then read on.

Leo needs excitement and tension to feel that his or her life is not empty and dull. In an ideal case, they can find it at work, but if they have chosen the wrong profession, they need constant affairs to fill in the emptiness in his or her life.

If your partner is a Virgin, you need to know they are pretty suspicious, and this is why they tend not to start a committed relationship for years. Since they are able to replace intimacy with with the pleasures of sex, they often keep the doors open for someone else to back out of their relationship any time they need it.

Libra is without doubt a great lover. All of them jump into a relationship with romantic passion, and they enjoy going out, as long as they do not feel that they are snared. They need independence, so as long as their partner can give it to them and he or she submits to them, they are happy together.

Scorpio might be a passionate lover, but he or she needs control over his or her partner, for complete trust and relaxation. They tend to be overly jealous, since they have the typical “all or nothing” attitude. When they have found the one, they are devoted and faithful, but if they want to stay single, they will enjoy every moment of their independence.

Read on for the last four signs.

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