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Astrology and Relationships III

Our series of articles have covered most horoscope signs, but Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. These are the ones that this article will cover.

Sagittarius is enthralled by good sense of humor, but they often want nothing more than a close friendship, so their partner might be confused at all times. Even though they are great in bed, due to the friendship they feel for their lover, but they are not in love, in spite of what their attitude seems like.

Capricorn takes relationships seriously. They do not tend to have affairs, the only exception being if they find someone more mature than they are. They are dutiful and responsible, so they always do what they are supposed to, and this is why they tend to get married, as well.

Aquarius is their complete opposite. They are independent with a lot of friends, or they are in a committed relationship. If they have affairs, it only means that they feel lonely. They enjoy freedom so much that they tend to stay single for a long time. Their priorities are usually the opposite of what an average person might consider normal, and their partner needs to accept that they always fend for something noble.

While Aquarius tend to use their mind and exclude their heart, Pisces is the opposite. They tend to have several affairs to experience various sexual practices and to find their perfect partner. If their partner can wake up their emphatic and caring side, they might commit, but only for a short while. They usually keep on searching for the perfect one in their entire life, or settle for an imperfect one.

Now that you know all signs, it's time to accept your partner's negative side, as well.

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