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Be Creative – Places

If you are bored of solely doing it in your bedroom, no matter how creative you are with toys, or positions, then the best solution is to go wild and creative outside the bedroom. Or let me go even further: outside your home.

It might be freezing outside these days, but it is not so every time and everywhere. Even today, if you are in a car, or at another semi-public spot, you should give it a go, since those are usually heated. But what are these places? You might guess. Have you ever tried it in a changing room, for instance? Do not go for the most elegant boutiques, of course, but why not do it at a store that sells mediocre or even low-class clothes? Nobody will care, but you get to do something taboo, probably in a small place with a huge mirror hanging in it.

Or once the weather is warm again, and if you like hiking, find a hideout in the woods, they are usually full of them and lay down a blanket or if it can hide you well enough, then just go for it in a doggy position, or standing. But if you are even braver, then the towers at the summit of a mountain can also be a perfect spot if you want to go wild. No worries, the stairs are usually so narrow that you will hear if somebody comes ahead of time.

Or simply be creative! There is a whole world out there, where you have not had sex yet!

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