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Be Creative – Positions

Most people only know or use four positions at most. These are usually the missionary, the girl on top – even though the fact that she faces the man or shows him her butt is varied – doggy and maybe spooning. And if you have just realized that you only tend to use these, as well, then it is time to be creative!

What haven't you tried? The above positions only include kneeling and at least one partner lying. What is missing here is if one or both of you are sitting, or standing or is upside down. If you like the closeness of missionary, then sitting positions might be extremely fit for you, since it brings couples even closer to each other, if the girl is riding the guy while facing him. If you like the laziness of spooning, it is also perfect for you, since it does not require much power.

If you are rather up for the manliness of the doggy, then try the one when the man is standing with the girl holding her legs around his hips, but make sure to be near a bed, since the orgasm might be so intense that she leans backward, so you need to fall down onto the bed quickly.

And if you are going for an intense orgasm for the girl, then the best position might be if she is upside down, so her head and shoulders are on the ground, while her hips are against the foot of the bed, or against the wall. The former is easier for the men, though, since he would be thrusting her vagina from above. And as this position makes the blood flow into the girl's brain – where the intensity of her orgasm is determined – it will end up with a loud moan sooner or later.

Can you think of anything else? Try it tonight!

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