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Be Creative – Toys

If you have thought that you can only get toys in sex shops, then you could not have been more wrong. The variety of tools that can be used for sex and that can be found at home is endless. Let me begin with what you can use as a dildo – probably the first toy that comes to your mind – and you might not even be surprised by this list. First of all, think about all the bottles, hair curling irons (when they are cold, of course) or even a broomstick that is thick enough to replace a dildo. Before penetration, you should still disinfect all of them thoroughly, and get rid of all the dirt, hair or stain on them, since it might not only irritate a woman's vagina, but it can also lead to infections.

What other toys come to your mind? Something to use for bondage is one of them, I guess. It is a pretty easy one, let me tell you. If this is what you are up for, then just looks for scarves, ties, bedding, ribbons, cable ties, or even pieces of lingerie. By the way, that can also be used for gagging, and it it might even turn your partner's voice lower than if there was a ball gag in his or her mouth.

Or are you rather up for something to be used for spanking? Any tools in the kitchen – except for forks and knives, obviously – can be used for that purpose, but wooden or plastic spoons might be the best. Besides, if we do not want to use something thick for penetration, then they are still perfect for this. They are worth a try.

And be creative! Use everything you have at home!

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