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Blocking Out Love

Everybody looks for an intimate relationship that lasts long, so we would not waste our money, time and energy in vain. Some people are patiently waiting for the ones that look perfect for them, while others let anyone get close to them. The latter are usually considered sexy, confident and independent. However, some of them change partners quite often, and it is not because they are not lovable. They can give love to their partner, but they do not let him or her to give it back, so they are floating from partner to partner.

When their new relationships begin, both of them are happy, since they have found someone, and the blocking person looks as if she or he is un-needy, but cares for their partner. Soon enough, their partner starts to feel that they are not good enough and that they cannot love him or her in the way they think they should. They do not realize that it is not a case of infidelity or fear of commitment, but it is rather a conflict inside their loved partner.

These people do not only refuse being loved by others, but often by themselves, as well. Most of them do not even realize that they are the very reason of their own lack of happiness. Their earlier trauma or their disappointment in the other sex, or even their fear of being controlled or losing themselves are just one of the real reasons behind their distant attitude, so the sooner they face these problems, the sooner they will find happiness.

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