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Blonde Bombshells

We might think that blondes are simple creatures, but they some of them are hard to get. The ones who color their hair usually spend a fortune on their looks, since their choice of hair color is solely owing to their desire to be noticed. They want to be one of a kind, and one that looks perfect. So, if your choice is a blonde who does not use her brains, then get ready to spend a fortune on her. Watch out for the warning signs: the more fake body parts she has the more she will want. If this is the kind of babe you need, then all you need is money.

However, you might have a shot if you go to a gym and you are among the strongest, since the only quality that a blonde easily falls for is the looks. So, if you start working out hard, and get the body of a fitness model, then you still have a shot at her. Keep in mind though that they are high maintenance, so they will need more than your admiration.

However, if you are lucky and the blonde who you picked has brains and she has a job that pays all her needs, then all she needs is your support and appreciation. If she feels that she is still admired and she gets what she wants sexually and emotionally, then you can be sure about yourself.

Go ahead and test your skills with one of our models here!

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