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Body Language

If you want to know what your partner thinks, then you should be familiar with a few simple signs that people body make in case of a certain emotion. It is important to know that whatever the words say, the body language can contradict it, and the latter is the one you should pay attention to.

The most essential is how close your partner is to you. If you are within her reach, she is willing to let you closer, but if she keeps on stepping back as you approach her, then her answer is an obvious no.

Also pay attention to where she is pointing with her feet or even with her entire body. If she is not turning to you with as much as she can, then she is not interested. Even if she is not talking to you, she would cock her head to the side when you are talking if she is attracted to you.

If she does not look at you in the eye, keeps on picking her nose or hide her lips, it is often a sign that she is either lying or holding something back. It is never a good sign if she is covering her face, since it means that she is covering something else.

But even if you are sure about her honesty, you might be interested in whether she feels comfortable or tense around you. If she crosses her arms or grabs her clutch, she is seeking comfort and she is protecting herself in a stressful situation. So in this case, do not unfold her arms, but make her feel at ease.

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