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Concerning, but not deadly STIs

In the previous article you have read about STIs that are not serious, but sometimes we have to learn to live with them. However, in this piece, you get to learn more about those that might have serious consequences, even though they are not deadly.

The most insidious of them all is probably Chlamydia, which do not even have symptoms in every case, since it tends to spread into the uterus instead of the vagina. Unusually much discharge may appear or sometimes even redness or pain, but it is difficult to diagnose. Treatment, however is solved with antibiotics for both partners, or else, the woman may become infertile.

If the flow is rather greenish, sweet, with mild itchy, burning pain in the vagina, then it is usually Trichomoniasis. It can be treated easily, locally and orally, so the patient should not be worried.

What looks a lot more disgusting, however, and ts treatment is more complicated, as well, is called Genital warts, which starts with a raised, pink lesion. Itching, tenderness, pain or frequent urination might also occur, but not in all cases. They soon have a cauliflower look, with an elevated amount of discharge. They can be cured with topical preparations or a surgery. Unfortunately, though, they are usually caused by HPV, the virus that is usually responsible for cervical cancer, so the risk of that disease will be higher.

Gonorrhea is yet another infection that can affect children, since it can lead to blindness if the mother is sick. It is also among those few that have a symptom in men, as well. Urination will be painful, and discharge from the penis is also typical. Women experience the same if anything at all. Its treatment is antibiotic, as well.

However, webcam sex is one great way to prevent these all.

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