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Daylight or Darkness

It does not matter if you like doing it by the lamplight or during the day, since both situations can surprise you in the positive and the negative way, as well. Take the possibility of doing it in the dark, for instance. In this case, you might not be able to see your partner's body, but you can turn on the night light if your partner agrees to it. Darkness has two main advantages in sex: it gives you a certain intimacy and closeness during the action, and it gets you to concentrate on the smell, the touch and the feelings more deeply, since you cannot rely on your vision. If you are uncertain about your looks, then it is also the best choice since it hides every flaw, and you can be more confident during the action.

However, if you prefer seeing everything to know what you are doing, then you should rather do it in the daylight, when you are not yet tired and when you get to see everything clearly. However, if your partner lacks self-confidence, then you will bump into some issues. The easiest way to get her – or him in rare cases – to do it in the daylight is by building her self confidence. Honest compliments and attentive moves are your best bet, but if you give her enough time to relax during the foreplay, it is also a great way toward sex in the daylight. Go ahead and try them both with your partner.  

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