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Deadly STIs

Some people tend to think about the worst all the time. So, if there is something weird in their genital area, they ultimately think that it is either deadly or will lead to infertility. In some cases, it is true, but it is usually not the case. Here are the deadliest STIs coming up.

Syphilis used to be dangerous and deadly before antibiotics, but it still has some victims. Those are who do not see the doctor in time. First, a single sore mark or multiple marks appear. These always look round and they are painless. They will heal with or without treatment, as well. Without treatment, though, sores, or rashes can occur on the mucous membranes within 6 weeks after the infection. They are not itchy either, but they are rough and red, except for the moist areas, where the lesions are gray or white. Lymph glands get swollen and fever is likely to occur, along with other flu-like symptoms, but they also stop without treatment. However, in the late stage – one of more decades after infection – neurological symptoms may occur and they will lead to death. It is usually too late to treat the patient at this stage.

The deadliest one of STIs, however, is AIDS. It is caused by a virus that targets our immune system, so we cannot fight it. It is insidious, as it cannot be detected in the first 6 weeks – however, lymph nodes may get swollen, and the patient may feel dizzy – but it can spread even this early, and it is followed by a latent phase, the length of which is varied on a wide spectrum. Then suddenly, all lymph nodes get swollen in body, sweating, fever, diarrhea and weight loss occur, signing that the immune system is about to be beaten down, so it uses what it has left, before the opportunistic infections – banal infections that can be deadly – Kaposi sarcoma on the skin, and neurological symptoms will finally lead to death. It can be treated but there is no cure. The best is to prevent it via safe sex, and webcam sex is one such way.

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