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Effect of Pregnancy on Sex Life

You are not likely to give up sex for nine months just because your baby is growing in your wife's uterus. This is why you should get familiar with a few tips about that wonderful and dreadful period.

In the first three months, her body adapts to the new life inside her. Since there is something alien in her body, it wants to get rid of it in the beginning, and this is the reason whey feeling sick is normal in the mornings. It can easily ruin her day, but if you manage to cheer her up, then you can expect sex at night, as well.

The best period is the second three months, though. Then, her body is already used to the fetus, but it is a constant target of her hormones in a positive way. She is always horny, and she is ready to do anything to get off. This is why that can be the time of experiments in bed. So, regardless of what it is that you have always wanted to try, feel free to talk about it with her, she is the most likely to be into it during her lifetime.

Unfortunately, as these months pass by, her belly starts to grow, and it will be in your way during sex, but if you choose a position when she is either on top or on her hands and knees, then the problem is solved.

Why would you be celibate if you can enjoy life just like you did before?

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