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Effects of Sex on Pain

As a woman, I only said I had a headache once, not to avoid sex, but I actually felt pain. Luckily, I was convinced to give it a try and that was when I realized it is a great painkiller. The headache was gone. So, I wondered what happens in the body that ended the nightmare so quickly.

Since sex triggers the production of the so-called bliss hormone, endorphin, our body is full of it especially after an orgasm. What is less commonly known is that it also affects the way we feel pain. We sense it less intensely if we are under the endorphin's painkilling effect, so that our body would be more capable to have sex, even if it is slightly painful. And endorphin is not the only hormone that provides pain-killing. Testosterone levels also increase during sex because we feel excited, so they do not even need an orgasm to be triggered.

However, there is one substance that is only found in the female body, so it explains why women can tolerate pain a lot better than men. Estrogen helps opioid receptors to bind more easily, so a lot more of the produced endorphin is used.

So, now that you can be sure of the higher tolerance of pain during sex, offer your body to kill a headache the next time you have the chance. Still, sex is only working in cases of mild pain, so if you think yours is severe, then see a doctor, as well!

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