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Effects of Testosterone

Testosterone has various effects on a man's body, including how he feels and what he behaves like. If their level is too high, they can lead to aggression, like bar fights, or football hooliganism, but if their level is too low, a man might even feel too weak to move his arm. However, if testosterone level is normal, then it leads to a masculine appearance, and a normal sex life. But its impacts are a lot more complex than these.

If their level is too high, they turn a man so competitive that he will have more chance to having a car accident than ever. After a sports event – especially after a tight match – testosterone levels might have such a high peek that men will suddenly want to win the race to the red lights at all costs, since they are not afraid to take risks either.

They can also lead to a need to dominate others. They do not let others talk during a conversation, and if they win, they are the ones who mock their opponents.

But recent studies have also shown that they also affect a man's body deeply than his muscle mass. When levels of testosterone are high, men are more likely to grow hair on their chest than on their head, so this is when one starts to get bald, and rather grow hair on his chest.

However, if a man has low testosterone levels, he is more likely to have cancer or some cardiovascular disease, they lose energy, muscle mass and sexual desire, they are likely to be depressed and unable to focus.

If you have noticed any of these symptoms than a medical examination might be due.

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