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Facebook and Sex

Facebook is part of our everyday lives no matter if we like it or not. It can fire up a relationship or it can break it up. But how can these happen?

Even though it is not a dating site, if a person is looking for a partner – for either a casual or a serious relationship – they simply make their relationship status “Single” and it practically serves as a date offer. The brave and confident ones add them as a friend or write him or her a message, although the most popular way to show their interest is to poke who they like. And this is it. There is no risk of being rejected, no embarrassment, no waste of money, but relationships based on pokes usually end up in the easy come, easy go zone.

But breaking a relationship is even easier. It only needs too many Likes on a friend's picture, and this is it. The fight might end up in the virtual mailbox on Facebook, and the messages that one person holds innocent can quickly become easy to attack. As this social site gives us the power to be all-knowing, jealousy is intensified, and as every comment and like is visible to the whole world, it can rapidly ruin an otherwise harmonious relationship.

So, as it makes anything easy for us, Facebook should be taken less seriously and should not be used as a weapon if we hold our relationship dear enough. Mutual trust and real-life experiences are the keys to a balanced relationship.

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