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Favorite Music and Sex Style

Have you ever met a girl who is into classical music but who would live for hardcore sex? It is unlikely. The music that someone likes is determined by her attitude towards sex. In fact, the way she is dancing is even more telling about her sexual practices. If she is daring on the dance floor, then she is even more daring in bed. But not all genres let them move in a sexy way.

So, if a girl only likes classical music – which is rare as a desert rose – then she is not likely to be ready to do anything extreme in bed. She requires her partner to please her, and she might not even be willing to give oral sex. Some of them might be into it, but only after they got some for themselves.

However, if the girl is into pop music – be it either R&B, rock or the like – she is not really daring, but she does what is trendy. So, she is willing to give oral sex, and she might even try anal sex once, but she is not the type who would make a habit of it.

If you want something extreme in bed, find a girl who likes extremes in music. The harder and the more mindless the rhythm, the hotter the sex. But it is never making love. It is always fucking.

If you don't know which club you would like to visit, then pick the music first, based on what you would like to do after the party.

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