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Female Anatomy

If you want to know more about a woman's body, then you should read on, since here is a quick summary that helps you to know more about it.

Let me begin with the innermost part, the ovaries. They are found in the pelvis, and they produce sexual hormones and hold the eggs until they are released through the Fallopian tubes. That is where they ideally meet the sperms, and once they are fertilized, they continue their journey together to the uterus.

It has a thick, muscular wall that renews every month to provide proper nourishment for the embryo for nine months, but if no egg is fertilized then the top layer of this wall is eliminated during menstruation.

It reaches the cervix first – which is a tiny opening at the bottom of the uterus – and reaches the vagina. Its anatomy is a highly debated issue. Some experts say it has a G-spot on its frontal wall and it covers some spongy tissue that contains the Skene's glands – they produce the fluid that is said to squirt out during an orgasm – but others say there are not enough nerve endings there to lead to an orgasm. The wall or the vagina can expand both vertically and horizontally, so it can fit to the size of a stiff penis.

From the outside, vagina is protected from sizable intruders by minor and major lips, and this was the original reason of pubic hair, as well. Between the major lips, and over the vagina and the opening of the urethra, clitoris can be found, which has only one function: provide orgasm that can help sperms to get deeper into the uterus after an ejaculation.

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