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First sex with a new chick

Having sex with a new chick for the first time is always exciting. You get to know her body, you get to know her tits, her ass and most importantly her pussy. So if you are though with the first or second date, depending on how much time she needid, then you can jump right into it, you can take her up to your place, maybe frink a little bit more and finally, finally start having sex with her. The first time with a chick you just got to know is always critical bot for you and for the girl as well. If the first time is'nt satisfying for one of the parties or both, then you can be almost sure that there will be no second time to have sex with her, there are no second chances in sex. So if you want to fuck her again after the first time then you have to do your best at the first attempt. Be kind, not too gentle, not to rough, find out how you can please her the most. If she really engoys it when you please her orally, then do so as much as you can. Never fuck her in the ass without asking for her permission, always consult her about anal sex before performing it. By the way, you can talk to her about this during sex as well, no need to chat for hours before the main thing. So go ahead, find a chick you would really like to have sex with, get to know her, do anything and ecerything you can to convince her to have sex with you and do the best during sex as well! Have fun!

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