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Foods That Set the Mood

When you are ready to have sex but you have no idea whether so does your partner, then you should think ahead about what the two of you would eat. There are various lists of aphrodisiac foods already, so this is not what you are going to find here. There is no need to waste money on oysters at all, but there are still some things to keep in mind. You should not eat anything heavy, since that would turn both of you sleepy within minutes, and sex would be off the table.

So food makes a huge impact on what kind of sex you can expect. Of course, if you have fast food – the less heavy kind – then you can expect quick sex, as well. There is nothing romantic in eating out of a box, so probably nor foreplay can be expected either.

However, if you have a light meal with some nice wine or champagne – especially if the champagne is served with strawberries – then a long foreplay will be followed by a long and passionate action that both of you will enjoy at the fullest.

So, prepare something with a lot of fruits and vegetables – although keep in mind that you should avoid the ones that give you gas – and light meat, that is poultry or fish. And after dinner, you can finally go for the hot time that you have been waiting for all day.

It is time that both of you get what you want!

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