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Foot Fetish

If a sexy pair of feet come ahead on the street and you get that tingling feeling inside your body and you cannot think of anything but to touch that skin, then you are likely to have foot fetish. This is one of the reasons to wait for the summer, or even the spring, since women tend to wear their stilettos and sandals at last, and you can finally adore their feet. If your fetish only means that you check out a hot chick's legs first, instead of her boobs, for instance, then you must know it is pretty common. In fact, it is the most common fetish among men.

If you go a little further, though, like getting close to climax only by helping her to try on a pair of shoes, or if you wish you could suck on your toes or if she gave you a footjob, then it is a bit rarer. Still, there are women who share your passions. Some of them would even insert your toe into their vagina to get them off, or they would enjoy if you pleased them with their stockings on. They are the ones who deliberately put on revealing shoes and sandals, and who buy eye-catching boots in the winter. They have a pedicure at least once a month, but many of them have it once a week, to have the skin that they would not feel ashamed of when it is involved in sex. It is easy to spot them, if you want to have fun!

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