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Foreplay – Step 2

Okay, you have completed the first step of the foreplay. You have kept on bombarding her mind with thoughts of sex, so by the time she comes home, she cannot wait to have sex. But if you let her get it, then you will get nothing extra. Still, if you want the usual positions, places and everything that you are used to, then skip this article, as it is about how to get something extra for your efforts. And if you think about it, these are not really efforts on your part. By the time she arrives, you should simply set the mood with music. If you want to be extra attentive, then candles or flowers can be used, as well, but they are not necessary.

In this setting, she will let herself be seduced. If you dance with her, then a few minutes are enough to start the real foreplay. Kisses or a gently massage are what can turn them on the most, especially along their spine, or on their butt or lower belly always work the best. Be gentle with the tits, as well. Not all women like it if you grab them or if you pinch or bite their nipples. When you are about to experiment how much pain can turn her on, then always be gradual. And it is not only about their tits. Do not slap her butt hard for the first time, but just pinch it gently, for instance. She might already want you inside her, but do not give in yet. The nest article tells you what comes next if you want to get what you need.

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