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Foreplay – Step 3

So, you are there. She is horny, and she is probably begging you to insert your penis into her vagina, but if you give in now, you might still not get what you want completely. But you might be wondering what is left to do after the sexy messages, setting the mood and gentle kisses and/or touches. Well, you still have not paid enough attention to her privates. Without that, sex will be fine, but if you add this to the foreplay, then you will drive her crazy, ready to do anything.

So, this is a short guide to her clitoris and her vagina for you. When you first touch her clit, you need to be very gentle and slow, regardless of whether you do it with your tongue or your fingers. But if you want to get her off like that, then you need to increase the speed gradually, and you can also add some extra power to the push on it. If you are lucky, then you can make her cum several times like that.

You might feel that she is already wet, but pay some attention to her vagina, as well. On its frontal side, you will find her G-spot that needs rough stimulation, so no gentleness is needed once you have found what you have been looking for. And there you go, you can penetrate her vagina with your penis at last, unless you expect some anal. In that case, pay some attention to her anus, as well, during the foreplay. With that, you should be the most gentle of all. From then on, all you need to do is enjoy the legendary sex you are about to have.

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