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Fruits and Attitude to Sex

What a woman wants to out into her mouth is telling regarding her attitude to sex. This is why you should pay attention what she usually chooses or when that choice suddenly changes.

Let me begin with the most common fruit, apple. Those women who prefer it are usually joyful, and they are caring and attentive with their partner, regardless of what is going on in their own life.

The ones whose favorite is the pineapple usually need to be seduced. They expect romantic gestures before they would give in, but they never show their true selves.

There is not much need to explicate on the fans of banana, but you should know that they are not only fans of oral sex, but sex in general. They look up to their partner like a god, and they always strive for harmony.

Cherry is usually eaten by people for whom family is of utmost importance, so they appreciate their partner's closeness and they usually desire a balanced relationship.

Watermelon fans usually appreciate communication a lot more than any other women. So, if you want to have the best sex with her, then you need to talk about your needs, and she will give you what you want in the end.

You might have not thought, but the ones whose favorite is pear are usually open minded and they are up for anything extreme, so get ready for hot stuff when you are with her.

There is another fruit that is a good sign if you want to have passionate sex, and that is sour cherry. But be prepared: these girls might be into smart conversations, as well. Those, who prefer apricot, however, do not need it, all they are up for is fiery, passionate sex.

Go ahead and try them all!

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