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No man can state that he is sexually liberated until he tried prostate massage from his girlfriend. And when he finally experiences the orgasm given to them via their ass, they suddenly understand why some men prefer it this way. Besides, who says that only one type of beauty exists? Some think that top models are hot, while others prefer a BBW. So why would it be unnatural for a man to see the beauty in another man? They are simply attracted to a person who is as liberated sexually as they are, and they also know that only another man can give them what their body needs. There are no fights due to the differences of masculine and feminine thinking, or the lack of knowledge about the other's body. This is why they may experience sex more deeply than an average man would.

They can show mutual respect for each other, and they can trust and be jealous of each other just like heterosexual ones. Some of them are more submissive than an average guy, since they do not expect their partner to do all the job, and this is why they are sometimes thought to be less manly, but they know who they are and they want to please men in the way they need it.

So, if you are wondering what gay sex would be like, then feel free to go live with a model right here and now, and let him show you the stairway to heaven.

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