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Give and Get Oral Sex

If you are a man, you must be wondering how you could please a woman with your lips, and if you are a woman, then you will probably enjoy reading the first part of this article, however you can only learn from the second part.

Some men think that fingering a woman is the same as licking her clitoris. To those of you, let me ask you to compare a blowjob to a handjob. I doubt that you would find then the same. When you insert your finger into a wet vagina – if it is wet already – they feel harsh and hard, but a woman needs fondling in the beginning. She needs the soft touch of your tongue on your clitoris, as you are moving it round and round, or up and down, until she can finally relax. If you also suck on it or gently bite into it, then she will reach climax, as well, but this is not always the goal. No woman expects you to give her an oral for hours, but they need some time to get wet while you are pleasing their clitoris, especially, if she almost always gives you a blowjob.

If you are a lady, then this is the part when you can learn what to do with a penis. Never make your guy feel that he is or you are in a hurry. Look deep into his eyes and be slow and sensual. Lick it all over and put it into your mouth without losing eye contact. And even when you close your eyes, make as much noise as you can, since he will feel the vibration in your mouth. Give him enough lubrication, as well, since this is how you can use your hands and your mouth at the same time. And this can even make up for your lack of deep throat, as well.

Enjoy giving and getting the oral!

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