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Having sex with two girls at the same time

I'm sure you had, assuming that you're a real man. I think most men already had this fantasy at least a million times throughout there life. So, let's see how you can achieve this. Well to be honest it's never easy. Simply becauce most girls are too shy to jump in to a hot threesome after knowing you for a few hours for example at a discothequ or a nightclub. So the tactic which you should follow is very simple. The key element of your tactic should be patience. Get to know a girl as well as you can, if you are lucky, she can already be a friend with benefits. So after a few months, or maybe one or two years of knowing her, you are within her trust, you guys are good friends. All you need for the perfect thressome is a second chick. You also have to carefully plan this part as well. This chick has to bee preferably a girlfrienf of your friend, but not the closest, she has to be a little ditant from her, meaning that they meet about every two months or so. Then you have to ask your friend about the hole threesome idea. If you are lucky, then she will be open and excited about the hole thing as you are. But if she doesn't think that this is a great idea at first that you have to convince her, that's not impossible either. The last thing you need is to get drunk, all three of you, preferebaly at a party. Is that's done as well, then you have to introduce the idea to the third chick, and from that point on, if you are a little bit lucky and she would like to do it as well, then your ready to go! Good luck and have fun in your threesome!

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