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High-Tech Relationships

Back in the 20th century, before the age of television and videos, there were only magazines that could spice up our sex life. We were not even interested in anything extra, since we had no idea it existed. But now that porn is so widespread, it has become a part of our lives, even if we never watch it. This is partly the reason why couples experiment with various sexual practices. They might not always realize, but they invisibly following the actual trends that the adult industry sets for them.

But what is it influenced by? The desires of the viewers and the most recent innovations are their inspirations. There are not only vibrators and dildos included as toys, but strap ons and fucking machines are also widespread, and probably something new will be added to repertoire soon. Not only porn, but also an average relationship will be influenced by the vibrating underwear that Durex has come out with.

It helps people in a long-distance relationship to get closer to each other, since it vibrates based on an iPhone application that shows the partner's body. It is not the same as being together physically, but a lot better than the old fashioned phone sex or Skype sex.

So, the toys and the means of communication are so varied today that there is practically no couple who does not live in a high-tech relationship, even if it only means phone sex or just a vibration ring. You can experiment with them yourself!

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