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Hot Women

When you think of the full package, what is your first thought? Her boobs or her butt? I bet they are big and round, right? As if she was a porn star. Her hair is likely to be long and blonde, or she might be a Latina. She would cook and clean for you while there is nothing that you should do, except maybe play video games with her when she has finished with the housework. She would bring beer to you while you are watching sports games, and anytime you need sex, she would be there with her gorgeous looks, ready to do anything for you. Well, guess what. This is almost what women want from men, except that most of them would like to go out instead of playing with video games inside.

But why do we think such a person exists? Why do we think that those – ideally – 8 hours of free time a day is enough to do another day's work at home, spend time with the looks, have the patience to engage in someone else's hobby and have the energy to have sex after all this? Because those who have it all have a lot more than 8 hours to do it. For instance, porn stars can be like this. But would you date them? Unless you earn so much money that your girlfriend does not have to work – and she does not want to work – then you need to lower your expectations to the half. She can be gorgeous and have sex with you anytime you want if you also share her hobbies and her share of the household. Otherwise she will not have time or energy for her looks and her sexual needs. Make the compromise.

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