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How to Initiate Romantic Sex

If you or your girlfriend want something romantic in your relationship, then you will need to know how to set the mood for a softcore action, since it is always something meaningful and intimate, so it is basically different from a usual quickie or a hardcore action.

First of all, you need to know the basic elements of a romantic atmosphere. It needs to have the sound, the look, the smell, the touch and even the taste of intimacy. Let me begin with the first one. If you have no idea what kind of music sets your partner in a romantic mood, then either go for something instrumental, or something old. Jazz, the music of 1950s or soft classical music are your best bet.

Then you need to go for the look. If you have colored lights, it is enough, but if you light scented candles, then you have already dealt with the smell. Before sex, the best are the ones with rose or perhaps vanilla in it, or even apple and cinnamon, but do not pick anything too intense.

As for the touch, it is obvious that you would want smooth and soft skin eventually, but first, silk bedding or fresh flower petals will do. If you even have a silk scarf or tie, or even a crop with petals, they are even better for the foreplay.

And finally, you should think about the taste. It means that you can either cook or order a meal, but a glass of champagne and strawberries will do, as well. When you have these all, a woman's romantic needs are probably satisfied for at least a few months.

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