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How to Prevent Injuries During Sex?

Even though sex is usually not a dangerous activity – or at least not as dangerous as skydiving, for instance – it might lead to injuries if we are not attentive. If you want to know more about how to prevent injuries during sex, then read on.

Since women are more susceptible to injuries during sex than men, let me begin with how to protect them. First of all, nature did not provide lubrication to the vagina by accident. If dry skin are rubbing against each other without proper lubrication, it leads to skin defects. And while it might only take one handful of lotion on the penis to heal it, the mucous membrane of the vaginal wall takes longer and more difficult to treat. This is why you should use natural lubricants, or it is even better to wait until she gets wet by herself.

However, it is not the case with the anus. It will never get wet by itself, and even if you do not see it in porn, it always needs proper lubrication – as well as time for the muscles to relax – especially if you want to avoid hemorrhoids, which can put anal sex to a halt temporarily or even permanently if you neglect this piece of advice for too long.

Plenty of accidents can happen, as well. The easiest way to avoid them is to use everything as it was intended. For instance, never pull any metal ring on your cock in place of a penis ring, since there is only one way to remove it: surgery.

Or if you want to have sex on a table or a chair, always make sure that it is stable enough and that it can hold your and your partner's weight, because it might lead to broken bones if you don't. If you keep these pieces of advice, you will enjoy sex at all times for sure.

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