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How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

We have known it for a long time that erections are triggered by nitric oxide, since this is the neurotransmitter that lets the blood flow to the penis by relaxing certain muscles. However, only recent studies have shown that a certain chemical process naturally occurs after initial erection, and this is what stops the production of nitric oxide. So, if that process happens too early, it is not possible to reach a proper erection. This study might have not led to a new way to treat erectile dysfunction, but if there are medical reasons, then prescription drugs can help. The most common problems are obesity, heart disease and poor blood flow.

Obviously, obesity is the one that could be treated without medical supervision, but if a person has no self-discipline, or is not motivated enough to lose enough weight, or even if there are medical – for instance thyroid – problems in the background keeping a balanced diet and starting to do enough exercises, then a medical professional's help might be essential.

In case of poor blood flow and various heart diseases, the most common drugs are Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, which let the blood enter the capillary vessels of the penis, but you must be aware that these medications are meant to treat cardiovascular and not reproductive problems, so they might lead to heart problems and seizures besides many other serious side effects. That is why you should always consult a medical professional before you would take any of these pills.

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