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Is She Faking It?

Women are not only able to have multiple orgasms, but they can also fake orgasm if they want to. But why would they do that? The answers are simple: they do not want to hurt you, or they are tired, or they want to ends it as soon as possible for some other reason.

So, how can you tell if it is real or not? Does her face tell you? You might think that if she does not acre about the wrinkles on her forehead, or if her eyes are closed, while her mouth is open, then these are sure signs of a true orgasm. Women know it, as well. So, unless you are in a doggy position, or in any other, in which you cannot see her face, she will make those expressions for you, as well as the voices.

As for voices, you might also think that the louder she is, the closer is her climax. And it is true if she actually likes being loud, but women also know that this is what you think, so the most obvious sign of a fake orgasm can be her extremely loud voices, except if she is the loud type. Still, the silent ones are luckier, since they do not waste their energy on the moans, so their climax will be more intense.

But really, where can it be felt? The answer is in the vagina. When the orgasm starts, the pelvic muscles – sometimes including the buttocks and inner thighs – start to constrict, so the wall of the vagina gets tighter. And that is hard to be faked.

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