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Lack of Romance

Unfortunately or not, the number of people who have never had a serious relationship in their life, even though they are in their late 20s or early 30s. They simply have more important things to work on in their lives, but unfortunately, most people have harsh opinion on them.

Majority thinks that the so-called singles are sadder, and lonelier than those who have had a relationship with someone. Yet, they are not considered envious and self-centered either. In spite of public opinion, not all these positive and negative traits are valid in every case. For instance, if someone is willingly single, then he or she probably loves his or her job, has a lot of hobbies and great friends. If it is so, then they are neither sad nor lonely, especially compared to those couples who might live under the same roof, but they feel that they are alone in a relationship. They might not be envious or self-centered, but it is only if they get everything they need, so they do not keep on comparing their lives with others. As couples tend to do it often, if they do not fight for their needs with each other, they usually envy either each other, some another couple who looks happier than they are, it is true, but not at all in every case.

Single people usually have a more meaningful life than those who have a family, and they should be admired to set aside the cultural pressure to find a partner and start a family, and rather live the lives that truly makes them happy.

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