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Language of Love

Sometimes sex and relationships are only difficult because the partners express their emotions in different ways. Our article will reveal the ways what most people use in their personal life.

Some researches have shown that in most long-term relationships, there is a basic difference between how women and men express their appreciation, mostly based on their different socialization. While women express their desire by less nagging, men plan date nights or initiate sex. Still, this is an average, and it is easier to understand each other via hints on the language of love.

Some people can only receive love with gifts. It does not mean diamond jewelry, but sometimes a cake or even a bouquet is enough.

It is also possible that they like getting gifts that does not cost you any money. It means that they appreciate a hot bath or a neck massage or a coffee on Monday morning.

Others are more verbal. They need compliments about their looks, brains or even their sense of humor, or in anything that their partner finds worthy to mention.

Physical touch is also an important way to express your affection. So, if your partner needs hugs, kisses, strokes or even cuddling to feel desired than this is what you need to give him or her.

Yet others – especially those who lack human interaction at their workplace – rather appreciate quality time, when the two of you only focus on each other.

The key is to “speak” to your partner in his/her language and not yours. If you need physical touch and your partner needs compliments, then you should rather give him or her nice words, and you should rather get physical touch. If you keep these, you will witness an unbelievable change in your relationship.

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