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Laws on Sex all over the World

If you have read the previous two articles, you might have come to the conclusion that quite a few of foolish people must have lived there to make their government pass laws like having sex is a porcupine is illegal. But what about the rest of the world?

While in Europe, it is widely common for men to prefer to get married to virgin girls, Guam (and Tibet a long time ago) prohibits them to get married if they are still virgin. They would not like to start a lifelong sex life with an inexperienced woman. This is why there are men who are traveling around the country full-time, and making a living on deflowering virgins. For the same reason, women were turned into a prostitute in Tibet before they got married.

Adultery is the issue that the most countries have dealt with, though. In Colombia, a man can kill his wife if she cheats on him, while in Hong Kong, it works the other way around, except that the woman needs to use her bare hands to kill her husband in this case. The lover, however, can be murdered in any way.

Still, ancient times dealt the best with this issue. In Egypt, a woman had to cut her nose, while Greeks shaved a man's pubic hair... and penetrated his rectum with a large radish. In Israel, men were punished by having his gonads crushed between two stones.

So, if we have ever argued that we are too liberal, then we can finally feel thankful for living in this era, since punishments are a lot lighter today.

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