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Laws on Sex in the West and Midwest

Here are a couple of laws that you need to keep in mind if you visit the Western and Midwestern states of the United States. For instance, have you ever thought that the state of California would issue permits for animals? That is what cats and dogs need if they want to have sex. So, apparently, no puppies or kittens are legally born there. Close enough, Utah bans various sexual practices among people, though. There – and in Arkansas – if you have anal or oral sex, masturbate, or cheat on your partner, you commit a crime. Arizona and Arkansas rather focus on prostitution with its laws, banning a man to make his wife one, while it is legal in Nevada, even though oral sex is against the law there.

The weirdest sex law on the West coast must have been passed in Washington, though, since it is unlawful to have sex with a virgin. So, that is a state where all women are virgins and who never have kids probably.

As for condoms, Nebraska and Delaware does not permit selling these unless done by a medical professional, while in Arkansas, they are the only ones who can buy them.

If you think about the weird stuff that a government tries to regulate, what comes to your mind? Indiana says that if men want to kiss somebody, they cannot have a mustache, while erection in public is banned in Illinois. Would you drink beer in bed? Watch out if you are in Iowa, since only three gulps are allowed there.

Are they funny or scary? Read the next article for more!

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