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Laws on Sex on the East Coast

Weird people can be found everywhere, but if you are in Florida, you must have met more than anywhere else, since it had to be written down and passed into law that people cannot use a porcupine for sexual purposes.

Yet, if you travel to Virginia, do not have sex at all unless you do it in a missionary position. And if we want to see something prude, then try to have a sex toy in Georgia, or give or get oral sex. All of these are banned, and they do not simply have it written down somewhere, but a man has actually got imprisoned for getting oral sex.

Alabama, however, has passed a law that is practically impossible to enforce, even though it means well. It forbids men to lie to chaste women.

But women are not held so precious everywhere. In Kentucky, there had to be a woman who married the same man about a dozen of times, since now, it is illegal to do it more than three times.

Massachusetts does not only respect women, but animals, as well. This is why nobody can have sex there with a rodeo clown, if there are horses present.

And where do you think it is illegal not to cover a bikini with something? On Kentucky highways, and anywhere public in Hawaii.

The list is not complete. If you want to know if there has ever been weird laws dealing with sex outside the USA, then read the last piece of our series.

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