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Since all girls who are into lesbian actions are hot, all we get to see is that two beauties are pleasing each other. But how come these actions are so trendy? Lesbian videos are not only watched by lesbian women but heterosexual men, as well.

And this is because it is such a mystery. It is something a man will never see for real, and curiosity is always more of a turn-on than overt something already revealed. And as most of their viewers are men, more and more couples have a dominant and a submissive player, showing the highly sexual side of women as well as the side that is yearning for protection. These are the actions where strap-ons are often used, and where one woman makes another one do something extreme for her to show her affection.

Still, the real lesbian actions are the ones based on mutual respect, since this is what women really need, so even if there is a strap on, they usually switch roles, since their aim is to please the other. In a real lesbian action, oral sex is the most common, sometimes with fingers included, since this is what means the most to any women, and this is what turns them on enough to have natural lubrication in their vagina before it is penetrated with a dildo or a vibrator. What is the least common with them is the usage of a double sided dildo, especially in a hardcore way, but there are always exceptions.

Go ahead and join a lesbian couple via webcam!

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