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Living with Big Boobs

 You might think that life with big boobs is fabulous, and there are times when it makes girls happy, too. For instance, it is easier for them to tell the bartender what they would like to drink, or they might be offered a seat in public transport, but they might also be able to enter somewhere first, just because men keep on fixating on their breasts.

But when they have something important or meaningful on their mind – and believe me, there are a lot of them who do – then they cannot express themselves freely, since men pay no attention to what they say, but they rather gaze dumbly on their big tits. And it is not the worst part of a life with giant boobs.

It does not matter if they are natural or fake, their weight and pull on the back and shoulders will often lead to pain, and this is one of the main reasons why most women back out before a breast implant surgery.

Another issue is shopping for clothes. Unfortunately, today's clothes are made for certain women, and there are hardly any tops or dresses that can fit to a thin waist and big boobs at the same time.

So, those women who think that getting bigger breasts can change the way they feel about themselves should consider another solution, since life with them can often become so annoying that it is not worth the sacrifice. And besides their looks, there is not much attractive in them.

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