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Male Anatomy

Either if you are a man or a woman, you might want to know more about a man's sexual organs. Obviously, there are body parts that all of us already know so well. These are the testicles and the penis. Let me begin with the latter. It consists of spongy tissues inside, which are meant to prevent urination during sex, and also to be filled with blood that turn it into stiff tissues, so the penis would be ready for penetration. Since it also strengthens out the urethra – which otherwise transports urine – the semen can speed up and get deeper into the vagina after an ejaculation.

As for the testicles, they are the anatomical equals to a woman's outer lips. During his life as an embryo, a fetus' labioscrotal folds grow together, and create the scrotum, which are empty almost until the child is born and the testes float down into it. Their function is to keep the temperature of the testicles low, since heat is harmful for the sperms.

As for what can be found inside, sperms start out from the testes to the urethra through the vas deferens. It joins in to the prostate gland through the ejaculatory tract. These glands add the necessary alkaline fluid to the sperms to create a neutral environment in the acidic vagina, and to make their movement easier. The easiest way to reach it, and thus force an ejaculation is by inserting something straight into the anus, since it is the perfect angle to massage the fluid out of it.

After the sperms passed through it, they arrive at the urethra, and finally to the outside world.

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