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Male Pros

 What does a hooker do? She sells her company, and you can do what you want with her, and this is usually hardcore humiliating sex if the customer is a man. But if the prostitute is the man, then he is in a lot better situation.

While men want to have the kind of sex they see on porn – which is unrealistic, you should admit – and this is why they pay for the pro's company, a woman wants the care and appreciation that a romantic hero would give her. And this is also unrealistic, so they are willing to pay men who help make the illusion real for them.

Needless to say that not the teen girls are the typical clients. Those women hire male pros who have been married and neglected for a decade or more, and even though they will also have sex with them, they finally get what they need before that. Those girls who still think they can just pick a guy at a party and that he will give them what they want are basically wrong. They might get a crumb of attention, but this is not what they want.

And since most men do not or are not willing to understand what women want, gigolos have a lot of clients, and this is why they can earn a lot of money. Some of them are so good at what they are doing that one or two clients a day are enough to provide an extravagant way of living for them. But it has a price: they need to give women what they want.

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