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Man-Woman Friendships

We tend to think that when a man and a woman are friends, one of them always wants something more, but is it true?

If a child can play with the other sex before they notice their sexual differences, or if a man and a woman know each other from early ages, can they be attracted sexually? Surely, they can. They might even hook up once or twice out of pure curiosity, but never more. A healthy person need to have a person of the other sex who he or she can trust with a relationship problem. Just remember what happens when a girlfriend only has other girls to get advice from. Or think about the last time you turned to your pals with a problem in your relationship. The results are always terrible because they cannot think with the other's head. But if a guy turns to her sister, or a girl to her brother, the advice will always lead to the direction that we intended it. Why should it be different if you have a same-sex sibling or if you are an only child? There is always a chance to make friends with the opposite sex, but the chances are gradually lower every year, so you should not waste your time.

The earlier a boy and a girl become friends, the more stable their friendship will be, so there is not time to lose. We have plenty of models here who are only here to make friends. Chat with the one right here!

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