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Meanings of Steamy Dreams

All of us have dreams about sex at night, and some of us tend to interpret them in a mystical way. Yet, all of them have an underlying psychological connection, and this is usually not a desire to be intimate with that person. What we really dream about is a trait that turns you vulnerable and exposed.

So, for example if you dream about having sex with your friend, then he or she must have a talent that you secretly look up to, giving advice, dancing, cooking, or even listening, for instance.

And even if you dream about your crush, it does not necessarily mean that he or she is in your dream only because you want to have sex with him or her. It can also mean that you share a common trait, and this is what you need to open up.

The most common sex dreams are about celebrities and bosses. The latter means that you are more and more aware of your leadership abilities and decision-making skills, while the former one means that the star and you have something in common.

A celebrity is a stranger to you, but what if you have never even seen your dream partner's face before? It means that you have a talent that you need to reveal after years of hiding.

As for real-life partners, you can dream with your ex or your current lover. The former means that you are repeating bad relationship patterns of the past, while if you see your current lover in bed with someone else, you are losing self-confidence.

Think about what traits these sex dreams bring to surface and follow their advice.

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