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Medical-Surgical Contraception

When you are considering whether you and your partner should use either medical or surgical contraception, you probably want to know which one if the most effective.

Obviously, cutting the Fallopian tube in women or the vas deferens in men is the most effective ones, but they are also permanent. Both of them are surgical methods that create a boundary so that the sperms and eggs could not meet.

Less permanent methods are IUDs, or intrauterine devices. They are usually T-shaped plastic devices that are inserted into the uterus. Some of them even release hormones, which reduce menstrual cramps, but others – without hormones – can increase the pain, since women can feel that they are inside.

However, hormonal contraception is the most popular, since it is painless and it has many other benefits besides preventing unwanted pregnancies. It can control weight, get rid of spots and cysts, and it can also regulate an imbalanced period. This can be taken orally or subcutaneously. If you choose the pill, it should be taken st the same time every day, but if you choose the shots, they should be given every three months. Since it has a high dose of hormones, it can lead to a severe imbalance in the period, so a devoted professional should give it every time, after considering medical test results.

This has just been a brief summary, so if you want to make this serious decision, then consult with a professional before you start to plan your life.

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