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Menstruation and Sex

If you are wondering what you should do not to let nature limit your sex life, then read a few tips of ours that will help you to get over those days.

If you are appalled by the thought to have vaginal sex during the period, since you find blood disgusting, or for any other reasons, then you can either have only oral or anal sex, or you can use natural sponge. Obviously, oral sex is not going to give an orgasm to any girl, but if there is nothing else that she would be willing to do, then it is a possible solution.

However, if you are patient, then even anal sex is possible. In this case, you should not give it a first try during the period, since it would be too stressful, and the anal muscles could not relax. Even if it is not the first time, you should keep in mind that the foreplay would take a lot longer than usual, so do not rush it, since it would ruin the moment, and the entire night at a dash.

If neither oral nor anal sex is a possibility, then you can still buy a natural sponge, which can be inserted high into the vagina, so it can keep the blood inside, and neither the woman nor the man will feel it during sex. However, as it has no cord to pull it out with, its removal might be a bit of a challenge, especially because extra attention should be paid to hygiene.  

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