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Multiple Girlfriends

If you think that it is not possible to have several girlfriends without sneaking around, then read on, since there are a few pieces of advice that if you follow, you can get what you want.

First and foremost, if you are not willing to commit to a woman, do not expect it from her. There is no woman whose ego would not be ruined if she needs to wait for you every time she needs sex, but you get it anytime you need it. The thought of you having sex with someone else while she is horny is humiliating, besides, the situation itself is unfair.

You might think that it could not be a relationship, but rather multiple sex partners on both sides, but emotional attachment is created by honesty, and this will hold the couples together. A mature person must realize that even though lying might seem like a solution at a time, but it only means procrastination. You will have to face your problem sooner or later, and it is easier if you do not create another one with lying.

Obviously, you need to find a woman who can accept an open relationship, since you cannot force her to be in one. Also, if you like to be at home at all times with the same company, then an open relationship might not fit your lifestyle. If you are always on your way and out there, however, then girls will understand your need for several girlfriends more easily than if you are leaving home or sending her away just to have sex with another girl.

If you keep these rules, you are about to have a great time.

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