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Myth of the G-spot

While women tend to believe in its existence, scientists argue that they have found no evidence to the G-spot.

It is said to be found on the frontal wall of the vagina, halfway between the vaginal opening and the cervix. Since it should be an extremely sensitive spot, scientists should find an area, where there are a lot more nerves per square inch than on other parts of the body. When you compare your back, for example, and compare it to your fingertips, you could see that it has a lot more nerve endings, and this is why you can even tell if it is touched on two points or three. There should be an area like this in the vagina, as well, but no researches have found it so far. This is why medical experts tend to say it does not exist.

Still, a lot of women experience that there is a sponge-like tissue that give them intense orgasms, and even though there is no medical proof of it, the fact that they can sense its existence can serve as a proof itself. However, since there is no real evidence, it can be a burden to those women who are unable to have an intense orgasm coming from their G-spot. This is why it is thought that not all women are able to experience it, but it would mean that certain people have a body part that others do not.

So, it may be a myth, but as long as a woman can feel an orgasm through it, then we should believe in the existence of the G-spot.

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