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New year, new fantasies

Have you ever had a new years resolution with a sexual relation? I mean like a resolution about finally having a threesome with two hot chicks? If you have never ever promised something regarding your sexlife since, then 2014 is the year to start. First of all, think a little bit about what are your craziest sexual fantasies and make a list of them starting from the simplest, going to the wildest. Choose the simplest first and promise yourself that you will definietly do that this year, no matter what. Because the problem with resolutions is that people tend to simply forget about them. Of course, with sexual fantasies it is not so easy to forget them since they just come to your mind wether you want them or not, but even if you do not forget them, you might just slowly but surely give up on them.

And that is a big mistake. Because as I always say, we only live once and it is our duty for ourselfs to make the most of it. Or as many say: YOLO! So go ahead, think it through and choose the simplest to achieve sexual fantasy you have and go for it, stop hasitating! Because you too will get older and older and you will simply run out of time! Fullfilinf a comlicated or costly fantasy might not work, this is why you have to choose a simpe one. For example if your dream is to have sex with two asien hotties at the same time then that might not work. Especially if you live in Europe. But if your fantasy is to dress up as a doctor and have sex with your girlfriend in a roleplay, then that can be accomplished much, much easier, all you need is some acting skills and some medical dresses. Or maybe just the dress. So go ahead, stop waiting, plan your fantasy and achieve it, do it, do it this year, do it now! Happy new year!

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